Get ready for your business to level up and shift into a whole-new-world where you’ll create a business structure that is built to attract sales consistently without the hustle and grind, but with the beauty of a well-oiled sales machine. Because #structure is the next sexy after-all.

“Hustle... BYEEEE” and transform your business into the financial powerhouse it’s meant to be?

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Isn't it time for you to say


You’re tired of investing your time and money in courses, webinars, e-books, and even YouTube University without seeing a return on your investment.

What you’re really looking for is laser-focus, structure, accountability, and for someone to just tell you the exact actions you need to take to finally get some traction under your business.

It’s time to ditch all of the courses you’ve been hoarding, this is the only program you need.

Let us help you with that.

The Entrepreneurial Roller-coaster doesn’t have to be permanent

ready for a     change?

Too many business owners are paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm. In the Unsexy Launch, we’ll pull you out of business confusion into clarity, so you can finally reap all those sweet, sexy rewards that a successful business brings.


Instead of constantly worrying whether something on your client to do -list is going to fall through the cracks, create a simple, scalable client fulfillment system that wows your clients and keeps them coming back for more.


Trade in pumping the brakes every time you’re about to cross over into a new level of business and build the muscle to become an F500 CEO that’s battle-ready and more than capable of sitting at the head of the boardroom table in their very own F500 company.


Join the the Unsexy Launch

“I’ve made over $30,000 in the past 3 months with my new offer”

Brandy, The Legacy CEO

The only program you need to build your F500 business foundation.


Let's Break it Down

What is the Unsexy Launch Accelerator?

Personalized Strategy

Activate your F500 Fierceness with an F500 Strategy Custom-Made for your business.

We don’t do anything cookie-cutter here at TBA, including your business strategy. We spend time with you to get to know the ins and outs of your business and then I personally build an F500 launch strategy custom-made for your business. 

The Training

You’ll be guided through the six phases of actionable business strategy that are designed to prepare you to scale.

· Positioning Yourself in Authority
· Structuring your F500 Offer
· Building your audience
· Closing sales like a F500 CEO
· Client fulfillment that wows
· Agitate to scale


The Community

Learn from your own data and your peer’s to jump ahead to more effective strategies.


1-on-1 Personalized Support

In The Unsexy Launch Accelerator, you’ll get accountability, mentoring and consulting from Fortune 500 advisors at a fraction of the cost. If you’re stuck, reach out, we’ll get you paired up with a coach that’s an expert in the area you need help with.


Bi-Weekly Live Calls

Every other week, the unsexy Launch coaches are on live coaching calls to give you all of the support, love, and celebration you need! Bring us your questions and I guarantee you we’ve got answers, but more importantly, bring us where you’re stuck and we’ll help yank you out.


With the Unsexy Launch Soirée

No Unsexy launch is complete without an oh-so sexy celebration. We end this program with a bang by getting glammed up and celebrating your success CEO style.

Celebrate like a F500 CEO






Am I ready for it?

If you're behind the screen nodding your head right now...

You’re willing to play the long-game to build a business that truly creates wealth for you and your family--you’re not here for the overnight success

You're coachable and open to real and direct feedback

You’re an action taker that’s ready to dig-in and implement the Fortune 500 strategies you’ll learn inside of the program

You’re committed to creating one signature offer that you will stick to growing while you’re in the program

You’re confident in what you can offer and know that you have the ability to turn your skills into a real business


You just want to start a business but aren’t sure yet what you want to do

You are


ready if...

If your business is dating multiple coaches and enrolled in multiple programs

You’re not willing to dig-in and do the work that it takes to apply the tactics you learn to your business

You prefer a cheerleader that will always provide happy, fluffy feedback over direct feedback 

You're not committed or ready to invest in yourself and your business

Guy Green

The TBA team put a mirror to my face, showed me my worth, believed in me and my dreams. They transformed these dreams into concepts. The Unsexy Launch shows you how to continue to move forward regardless of its all put together and shiny and's ok...just get it done! It will all come together in the end- especially with their help. They spoke positivity and greatness into me. The tools given will be with you forever. I still go back to my videos and notes today. I love the TBA team and the Unsexy Launch- it is not only business changing but it's also life changing! 

Shawndell Abrams

Carmen Gaines

The Unsexy Launch taught me so much...and NOT JUST about business, but about myself as well. So many revelations were made, friendships forged, ideas shared, confidence boosted, and the list goes on. As much as I learned through the journey, it wasn't just strategy and best practices that the fiercely phenomenal Team shared that stuck with me. It was also the  times where they were transparent enough to share their own vulnerabilities during my moments of insecurity. They reminded our cohort that each of us had been born to do exactly what we were pursuing! I'm grateful for the family I gained through the Unsexy Launch. We are forever bound and it's a beautiful thing.

Working with the TBA team in the Unsexy Launch has been life changing. They pushed me to think bigger and not limit my talent. Within a few sessions, I found my true purpose, my voice, and defined what is important in my life. All of the coaches are fantastic to work with and challenge you both personally and professionally. You will make connections with the members of your cohort who become your biggest cheerleaders. I am forever grateful for meeting and working with this amazing team and cohort members, whom I now consider family and still turn to for support as I grow and scale my business.

What types of businesses does this program work for?

Our unique method of creating a fortune 500 foundation for your business truly applies to all businesses. However, the offer creation, sales and marketing tactics that we teach are more suited for coaches, consultants, experts or product based business owners who are open to learning a new way of getting their store off of the ground by marrying their products with services (hybrid-offer).

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have sexy branding, a huge email list, or lots of social media followers. Can this program really help me?

We love to hear this! We don’t call this program the Unsexy Launch for no reason… You actually don’t need any of this to grow your business. As-a matter of fact, I was able to grow my business to 6-figures in 3 months with an ugly brand, no website, no followers, and an email list I built from the ground up. We’re all about getting in and creating sales organically without all of the bells and whistles so that you can generate the revenue to fund all of the sexy stuff later on in your business journey.And then, you guessed it... we are going to dazzle them with a really informative answer right here. Lorem ipsum dolor amet pickled roof party artisan cray organic. Succulents cloud bread food truck glossier cardigan celiac vegan dreamcatcher selfies neutra forage. Street art biodiesel echo park man braid banjo YOLO. Pork belly everyday carry keytar biodiesel, letterpress ennui shoreditch vegan. Banjo VHS wolf.

My business has flopped in the past. Will this help?

We believe that the most successful businesses are born from the most pivotal milestones in your life. If your business flopped before, we’ll help you use that milestone and what you learned from it to rebuild better than ever. So, the short answer is---yes.

How is this program different from other coaches teaching how to grow your business?

Oh, my dear...I’m so glad you asked. We’re not just coaches here at the Boss Architect. We are consultants--experts at one thing, building businesses that generate a whole lot of revenue. Our expertise comes directly from the Fortune 500, and we’ve been behind multi-billion dollar launches for some of the largest companies in the world. Not any old coach can say that they’re bringing the same advice they’ve given to Fortune 500 CEOs into your business.

We’ve put that fortune 500 foundation building into this program and are teaching you how to apply those strategies to build a business that creates generational wealth.

Join the Unsexy Launch

Show me the best option for me

No worries. We’ve got you covered too. I have options that will get you ready for your F500 success by giving you access to training and support on all things F500 business credit and strategy. 

Not quite ready for the Unsexy Launch yet?