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After 12 years in the corporate world, I found myself sitting in my car one day wanting to cry – about my marriage, money, my career – but I simply couldn’t cry. 

I was stuck in machine mode. 

For years, I had trained myself not to sleep, to barely eat, to be emotionless, driven, and hell bent on success.  

I had climbed the corporate ladder, got the corner office, had the expense account, and yet... my personal life was in shambles.

Now, I’m relearning how to be vulnerable, attached, and emotionally invested. I’m relearning how to share and to connect with others. 

Above all, Did You Human Today? is an exercise in remaining committed to the dream and the business without losing your humanity. 

About Kendra J. Lewis

Together, we can build F500 empires while remaining our most human, connected selves.

“I have to be intentional
to be human.”

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