You’re going to take action without question on the gems that will be dropped in this class (No information hoarding, no watching and waiting, PURE ACTION is required to make this work).

You’re going to take the revenue you generate to re-invest into Leverage to Launch. Now, we’re not locking you into a contract or forcing you to invest in your business further, we’re going to trust your word and your commitment that by signing up for this program, you’re going to trust yourself to let us turn this $2,000 into $10,000.

But there’s a catch…

I require 2 commitments for you to participate in this class:



What our clients are saying about Flip It Fast?

I did it scared...and closed my first $2,000 package client on my FIRST Discovery Call...Thank you Kendra, Shana, and The Boss Architect Team for giving us the tools and the confidence to do this WORK!


Just got a new client!! Docs signed & deposit made!!! We start next week!!!  .


I've always thought of myself as a business woman. I had no shortage of great ideas, but would always fail due to not having funding. That's until I signed up for your class. I've learned more in the past 2 weeks in your class than I've learned in the past 7 years. When I say I'm truly thankful for you Kendra, you have no idea.

Kimberly C.

Here’s What You'll Learn:


The exact steps you need to take to build and organically sell an offer that can generate at least $2K in revenue for your business.

How to get eyes on your offer and invite people to a call

How to structure your discovery calls and sell without being salesy at all

How to turn your Facebook Page into a sales funnel that’s going to constantly generates new leads for you for Absolutely Free

Close with an Email: My High-Converting, Super Simple 3- Email Nurture Sequence

Get Sexy With Facebook Lead Generation: A customizable Facebook Page Funnel template suite that you can lift and land to turn on your oh, so sexy Facebook Funnel

Close like a pro: A real-live sales call recording for a high-ticket offer that ended in a yes!!!

Let's Do it!