The Boss Architect Course Suite

You’re ready for a transformation in your business and it’s my goal to provide you with the resources and training you need to get there. Dive into our Do it Yourself Courses to get the knowledge and support you need to move your business to the next level.


Launch Your Business with Confidence: Master the Art of Strategic Launching

Say goodbye to launch overwhelm and streamline your business launch with our Ready to Launch Masterclass. Learn the four simple steps to cut through unnecessary work and get your business out there successfully. Harness the power of your brain and your voice to create an impactful launch and gain momentum in your entrepreneurial journey

Ready to launch Masterclass

Unlock Your Business's Revenue Potential: The Live Leverage Method for Cash Infusion

Accelerate your revenue generation with The Live Leverage Method. If you're struggling to convert sales and need a quick cash injection, this course is for you. Discover a short-term approach to breathe new life into your business and achieve a cash infusion in just 14 days.

The Live Leverage Method


I’m so glad I invested in this class. I’m graduating soon and I would keep paying just to learn from someone who knows their stuff. I’m glad I met and know Kendra personally… she’s the one to have in your circle of living your best life!

Tasha Anderson

Working with Kendra on my business credit is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business. I started working with her in November with no knowledge of business credit, and she was patient with me, held my hand throughout the process and was so accessible when I needed a little extra push to get across the finish line. With her guidance, I've been able to obtain over $50,000 in "real" business credit in a matter of months, without using my personal credit. I am so thankful for this queen, she is amazing to work with and gets amazing results!


I've always thought of myself as a business woman. I had no shortage of great ideas, but would always fail due to not having funding. That's until I signed up for your class. I've learned more in the past 2 weeks in your class than I've learned in the past 7 years. When I say I'm truly thankful for you Kendra, you have no idea.

Kimberly C.

Streamline Lead Generation: The Simple Path to Building Your Email List

Don't get lost in complex funnels. Our F500 Funnel Accelerator teaches you a straightforward approach to generate leads, build your email list, and attract a stream of followers and potential clients to your business. Say goodbye to ineffective Facebook Ads and discover the simple path to gaining visibility and expanding your customer base.

F500 Funnel Accelerator

Activate Newton's Law for Business Success: Inertia Based Ads for Unlimited Growth

Supercharge your business with Inertia Based Ads. Learn how to implement a paid advertising strategy that not only provides an unlimited Facebook Ads budget but also has potential clients paying you to sell to them. Discover the power of Newton's First Law and revolutionize your marketing approach for unstoppable growth.

Inertia Based™ Ads