Hand to God. This was my exact conversation last week during a strategy call . . . “Kendra,  I’ve made so much money. I don’t know what to do. I need your help. I need your help because now I need to understand the operational part of my business.” And you know what? It’s my […]

Structure vs. Strategy: Are You Focusing on the Right One in Your Business?

Storytime ladies! Let me know if you can relate. So I set up a beautiful free-motion treadmill in my home, conveniently located across the hall from my bedroom. I didn’t want any excuse not to work out. (You might be thinking where is Kendra going with this? But trust! I’ve got a point that directly […]

It’s Time to Get Fit: Workout Plan For Your Business

“You are what you eat.”  You’ve probably heard the old saying before, but maybe you’ve only thought of it in terms of what you put into your stomach. The truth is, it’s more than that! Especially when your eyes are set on living a fly corporate lifestyle on your terms, what you fuel your mind, […]

Are You Consuming 7-Figure Food? Transforming Your Business Into a Powerhouse Starts with You

A lot of business owners aim too high starting right out of the gate. They’re too busy looking at bank loans while turning up their nose at beginner credit through vendors, or what I call “baby credit”. But what if I told you that I built a 6-figure business using vendor credit — and you […]

Baby Steps to Business Credit: The Shortcut I Used to Grow My Business to 6-Figures Using Unsexy Business Credit Accounts